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Roll Dice

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This is the number of times you want to roll the dice below. If you want 3d10 as one roll, just put that in the dice field. If you want to roll a 1d10 3 times, then put a "3" here and "1d10" in the dice field.
You can separate more than one roll with ";". For example, "1d20+5;1d6+1"
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Using the die roller

This die roller is based on the excellent OpenRPG, and uses exactly the same options.If you know how to use dice in OpenRPG, you know how to do it here.

Basically, you just enter dice like you would see them in an RPG rule book. So, "3d6" means to roll 3 six–siders and total the result. Similarly, "1d20+5" means to roll one twenty–sider and add five to the result.

If you want to get fancier, you format the roll like this: 3d6.option(value)

For example, you could enter "4d6.takeHighest(3)", which would roll 4 six–siders, and keep only the highest 3 rolls. You can even chain multiple options, for example "10d10.minroll(4).takeLowest(5)". This one would roll 10d10 with a minimum roll of 4, taking only the lowest 5.

Options are:

  • takeHighest – take highest X rolls
    10d10.takeHighest(4) – takes highest 4
  • takeLowest – take lowest x rolls
    10d10.takeLowest(4) – take lowest 4
  • minroll – minimum low range
    10d10.minroll(4) – no die roll lower than 4
  • extra – roll an extra die when roll greater or equal to X
    10d10.extra(9) – roll an extra die when a die roll is 9 or higher.
  • open – same as extra but roll extra dice until a die is not greater or equal to X (even the extra roll).
    10d10.open(9) – roll extra dice until a die roll is not 9 or higher.
  • each – apply X value to all dice
    10d10.each(2)] – add 2 to every die roll
  • hits(hitmin) – roll the dice and count the hits
    5d6.hits(5) – (count the hits 5 or greater) – [5,5,6,2,6] = (4)
  • hitsopen(hitmin, reroll) – roll the dice and count the hits, adding an extra die for any value equal or greater than “reroll”
    7d6.hitsopen(5,6) – (count the hits 5 or greater, extra roll on 6) – [[6, 6, 3],4,1,4,4,3,5] = (3)

(Portions of the above are copied verbatim from OpenRPG, and are Copyright (C) 2000–2001 The OpenRPG Project)