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About This Site

This site has been running since 2005, and serves about a half million rolls a year.

This is the third revision of the site code. It is written in Python, using the Django Framework.

It uses the die-rolling code from the OpenRPG project using a custom “glue” app written to interface it with Django. If you need this code, I will provide that app on request. Please use the feedback page to do that.

The site is free, I enjoy writing and maintaining it as a way to test out new programming techniques and to test coding ideas. That means there are likely to be bugs, due to my pushing the envelope a bit. I appreciate your bug reports and your patience.

Hire Me

I am a full time programmer, with twenty years of experience. I've been building websites since the internet started. You can hire me through my company, Solid Site Solutions. We focus on completely customized e-commerce sites for small to medium sized companies.