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Welcome to the Invisible Castle

This is the net's best, most usable gaming resource site. We provide tools to assist gamers to roll dice and prove that they got the rolls they said they did. Our roller is fast and flexible, with lots of options to suit most games.

Also, we have several helpers for generating character statistics. Of course, anything you make there is saved for future reference, or for your game master to look up. Currently this is largely useful for D20 based games, but this will be changing soon.

Please use the Idea Forum or the feedback page with comments or suggestions. We have already used several suggestions to make this site a better place.


  • 02-Nov-11 — Fixed error with contact form, and cleared up an error if you are trying to scam the grid stat generator.
  • 15-Sep-11 — Removed forums due to a massive spam outbreak. If you would like the forums back, and you are willing to be a moderator, please contact me using the contact button below.
  • 06-Jan-09 — Fixed a date formatting error on most result pages. Added a bunch more spam checks and automatic deletes. Some people are just jerks.
  • 11-Dec-08 — Fixed a raft of bugs, especially in the profile editing area. Updated the code to the latest version of Django and my supporting libraries. Added new features for VIPs. Corrected page links on campaign pages. Added spam protection.
  • 30-Jul-08 — Fixed several bugs, sped up searches by 10x, added new VIP features, upgraded code to latest forum version, added ability to search by player.
  • 19-Jul-08 — Fixed a bug in stat rolling which prevented you from saving unless you accepted them in order.
  • 18-Jul-08 — Fixed a couple small bugs, deleted some campaigns with swear words in the name.
  • 12-Jul-08 — Upgraded to latest code, should be 50% faster than before. Added new HTML format to quick-copy.
  • 10-Feb-08 — Hopefully fixed the DNS issues with the server, please let me know if you continue to have these problems.
  • 5-Jan-08 — Added profile updating, avatars, signatures, and post counts to the forum.
  • 27-Dec-07 — You can upgrade your account to VIP status, support the site, and get great new features.
  • 27-Dec-07 — Added .hits and .hitsopen to options in the roller. See the roller page for details. Thanks, ShadowrunGM.
  • 26-Dec-07 — Site upgraded and moved to new, speedy server with brand new look and feel, forums, and all sorts of miscellaneous improvements.